We invest mainly in three sectors – finance, energy and healthcare – where we see mass-market opportunities for high growth and social impact. In each of them, technology and data analysis provide the opportunity to revolutionise key services, from financial inclusion to access to clean energy and access to healthcare. Those opportunities are generally in growth markets, but our focus is on the business not the economy.

Financial inclusion

We invest in companies that will revolutionise financial inclusion. The relevant sub-sectors are microfinance, fintech, small and medium-sized banks, money operators, correspondent banking and peer-to-peer lenders. Our investments include ground-breaking P2P platforms such as KUBO in Mexico and correspondent banking models like MOVILRED in Colombia.

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Clean Energy

We are at the forefront in proving mass-market access to clean energy through innovative distribution, disruptive business models and off-grid technology. For example, London-based BBOXX has developed sophisticated remote monitoring, data analytics, and machine-learning algorithms. It cuts service costs and increases product lifetime and reliability for distributed energy service operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

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Access to Healthcare

We see opportunities to leap towards mass access to healthcare through the combination of technology and radical thinking. . The convergence of data, connectivity, devices and treatments is significantly improving affordability and patient outcomes. At the same time we are finding healthcare companies that offer scalable, turnkey service solutions. Our investee company Modern Family Doctor is already the largest one-stop-shop for primary healthcare in India. By working closely with management we achieved 33% CAGR in the first two years after we invested.

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